Alfa Network R36 configuration to redistribute a wireless connection on smartphones, tablets, computers ...

Alfa Network R36 is a complete and powerful device, which allows among other features to redistribute a wireless connection to share it with all your wireless devices (smartphones, tablets, computers etc). To do this, the R36 should be used with a USB Wifi adapter Alfa Network Compatible (AWUS036H, Awus036EW, AWUS036NH, Awus036NHR). WiFi connection may also be redistributed via 2 RJ45 ports of the device.

This tutorial will guide you through the configuration of your R36. First, connect your USB Wifi card R36 USB port, then connect the power to the R36. The device will then start.

R36 et Awus036H

In WiFi Manager, a new network named ALFA_AP networks appeared, click "Login"

Connexion ALFA_AP

Your computer connects to the wireless network R36:

Connexion ALFA_AP OK

Now that you are connected, enter the address in your web browser. An authentication window asking you to identify:

Authentification R36

 Confirm the admin user and password admin name. Now you access the administration panel of the R36:

Panel admin R36

In the Easy Setup tab, select "USB Wireless adapter":

choix USB Wireless adapter

Click "Site Survey" to see the available wireless networks:

R36 Site Survey

We will check the line for the test network "Wifi Highpower". The R36 has automatically determined that the network was WPA2 encryption, just accept the security key (passphrase) in the row labeled Pass Phrase:

Clé WPA à valider

If the network was encrypted WEP, it would have to validate the WEP key in the same way. For an open network unencrypted as a hotspot for example, this step is not necessary.

Now click the Next button. In this menu, you must choose what is the name of the new Wi-Fi network to be established by the R36, which will be used to redistribute the connection of previously selected wireless network, "Highpower Wifi". Here, the new network will be called "WIFI-CAMPING" it will connect for example a tablet, a smartphone and a wireless computer in a campsite.

Choix SSID nouveau réseau Wifi

It is also possible to protect this new network thanks to WEP or WPA security key, and set up a mac address filtering. Once the parameters are validated, click Done. The R36 will save the configuration and reboot:

Reboot R36

In launching the WiFi manager of the computer, one can notice the appearance of our new network "WIFI-CAMPING"

Nouveau réseau Wifi WIFI-CAMPING

Simply connect to benefit from the connection that is now redistributed to the new Wifi available on smartphones, tablets, networking, computers ...

Connexion OK sur WIFI-CAMPING

We can now enjoy free access to the internet connection is fully functional:

Internet OK sur WIFI-CAMPING

It is interesting to note that the R36 is powered thanks to a transformer 220V AC / 12 V DC.Le fact that it is powered by 12 VDC allows for mobile users to use the vehicle battery as a power in part of a car trip, travel camper etc..