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The choice of material suitable for use Wifi camper is a frequently discussed in trade with our customers question. So we decided to write a comprehensive guide that addresses most of the cases and giving as much information to allow you to choose the material that best suits your needs, while learning interesting information about the use of Wifi camper.

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There are some specifics when you want to use WiFi on a camper. These characteristics are inherent to the environment, which will vary depending on location, but also the same structure of the motorhome that will, as appropriate, become an additional obstacle in attenuating the signal.

-The basic case: connecting a computer with WiFi in a camping car

The integrated wireless card a laptop generally has performance Wifi basic. If the hotspot / access point is too far, or if obstacles are present as vegetation, buildings or other vehicles, so the signal can be strongly reduced, the flow can be reduced or the connection will not be established. The first thing to do in this case is simply to use a more powerful wireless card is compatible with your operating system. Given the particular nature of motorhome, ie use in a variety of locations with a not always ideal environment for the connection, it is recommended to use a material with a high sensitivity, as AWUS036H or 'Awus036NHR. You can read our detailed guide: choose USB wifi card Alfa Network for more details to guide you in your choice specifically.


The AWUS036H is the ideal USB Wifi card for mobile uses. Sensitive and versatile, it will be perfect when the signal is bad, if the presence of obstacles and difficult access.

-Case 2: Connecting a tablet, smartphone or multiple devices in a wireless camper

Tablets (except some models, such as non-Windows 8 RT eg tablets) and smartphones generally do not allow to take over a USB Wifi card. To benefit from the performance of Alfa Network USB Wifi card with a tablet or smartphone. you must use our coupled with a compatible USB Wifi card R36. The R36 is a WiFi extender, it will drive the wireless card to connect to the access / hotspot point of your choice, and redistribute the connection by issuing a second WiFi network locally where you can connect your smartphones, tablets and laptops . This solution is very popular among mobile users, and it is particularly suitable for the camper as it will allow the whole family to connect its different devices: tablets, smartphones, laptops; taking advantage of the WiFi connection. The R36 is administered via a web interface, and therefore requires no driver installation. We have produced a guide that explains how to configure the R36 is easy: Alfa Network R36 configuration. Please note: there is a handy accessory to use the R36 on a motorhome: the power cord for 12V cigarette lighter adapter. To get the best possible performance when using the R36, it should be away from the wireless card, and if possible to choose your local WiFi network Wifi channel different from that used by the access point / hotspot to which you are connected. Compliance with these guidelines will ensure you get the best possible rate, and a quality connection.


The R36 is the perfect companion for a trip to camper. Associated with a WiFi enabled Alfa Network card, it will redistribute the Wifi connection, and connect tablets, smartphones, PCs ...

-The selection of a good Wifi antenna for use in a camper van

Using a standard omnidirectional antenna (like those that come with our 5 dBi Wifi USB cards) will already an improvement on most maps integrated Wifi, but depending on the case, and according to your needs, it will be interesting opt for a better antenna. Regarding the use camper, it can be two options among others, depending on your needs:

First, the high-gain omnidirectional antenna. This type of antenna will allow networks to capture the surrounding 360 degrees around, and little or no trimming require. Depending on the environment (presence or absence of obstacles, characteristics of the access point / hotspot ...) the scope could be somewhere for guidance in the range of tens to hundreds of meters. Of course, with many obstacles it will rather rely on a range of several tens of meters, and line of sight can we hope to reach 100 or 200M see even more. We offer various omnidirectional WiFi antenna designs, different gains and sizes. The 9 dBi Arsn19 model will be suitable for indoor use, the model AOA-2409TF 9 dBi meanwhile, will be suitable for outdoor use, thanks to its structure fiberglass very durable. The latter will require antenna using a coaxial extension of N (in the category very low loss coaxial extension length 2M, 5M or 10M) to attach to the outside and deport the WiFi card and an adapter N plug to RP-SMA plug to connect the N connector of the extension on the RP-SMA connector WiFi card.

antenne Wifi omnidirectionnelle 9 dBi AOA-2409TF

The omnidirectional antenna Wifi Alfa Network AOA-2409TF is ideal for being installed on a camper outside. It is unobtrusive and will capture the surrounding WiFi networks 360 °.

The second type of antenna that is interesting for use in camper is directional antenna. This type of antenna will require a more precise than omnidirectional antenna trimming, as it will capture that in a definite direction, but its scope will be very much higher, up to several kilometers in good conditions. Yagi antennas are particularly effective for use in campers, as they provide very good results in terms of range, without requiring trimming as sharp with a satellite dish or Grid for example. We recommend the 19 dBi model that offers the best price / performance / size.

antenne Wifi Yagi 19 dBi

The 19 dBi Yagi Antenna WiFi 2.4 GHz is perfect to quickly establish a long-distance connection. It is suitable for outdoor use, and offers a price / performance ratio report.

-Select the location of its WiFi antenna: indoor or outdoor?

A motorhome consists of a vehicle (van, cab frame or truck) to which is attached a cell. The cell is generally comprised of a frame made of wood, aluminum or polyester which are fixed on sandwich panels made of different materials and to form the walls, but also for heat and sound insulation. In summer, with open doors and windows, Wifi waves will be spread (the WiFi waves will bounce off obstacles), but it may be noted that the cell camper will generally tend to mitigate WiFi signals, by the very nature of the materials used for its manufacture. Thus, placing your WiFi antenna in the cell, you get poorer results than placing it on the outside. Ideally, the antenna must be placed outside, it will therefore be suitable for outdoor use in order to resist wind and rain, and shall be placed preferably in height, since this will be located above potential barriers and thus enjoy a better quality signal.

To connect your WiFi antenna to your wireless card, your R36 or your wireless equipment to be located in the camper, you should use a coaxial cable. We recommend that you opt for a very low loss coaxial extension. The RF240 cable will allow you to keep a Wifi signal quality, limiting losses. Always with a view to limit losses, it is recommended to use a coaxial cable as short as possible, since each additional meter will cause losses. You can calculate the loss caused by your grace coaxial cable to our online tool here: Tools Wifi useful section Calculation of losses in a coaxial cable 2.4 GHz.

When using a wireless antenna outside, it can be advantageous to provide for the insertion of a Wifi arrester that will be mounted immediately after the antenna. The protector will protect the entire installation upstream, except for the antenna. To be functional, it must be connected to a large section of cable that will be connected to the earth, for example using a metal stake driven into the ground (ground rod). Thus, if the antenna is to be struck by lightning, the SPD will be triggered instantly, and lightning pass through the ground wire instead of destroying your wireless installation. The insertion of the SPD will generate a small loss in the signal, as any addition connector, but it may save your equipment, so it is a rather interesting and useful investment.

The following video demonstrates the use of an R36 + AWUS036H solution + 19 dBi Yagi antenna as part of a 4X4 truck journey around the world (source dacaluf.com)


DaCaLuF - episode 14 from David Bellais on Vimeo.

This guide details the Wifi and solutions most frequently used camper. Apart from the products presented here, we have a wide range including external WiFi adapters, WiFi CPE, antennas and sector Wifi Panel ... Do not hesitate to contact us for any specific need or question form online contact.