Wifi-highpower.com becomes officially authorized dealer Alfa Network

As of March 2014 we officially granted the status of authorized dealer ("Authorized Reseller" in the original version) from the manufacturer Alfa Network we work with for a long time already. This status is the result of a long process, it is issued only a few sellers. We work directly with the Alfa Network based in Taiwan, without any intermediary, which provides insurance to have original products certified and guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Revendeur autorisé Alfa Network


Alfa Network products are becoming increasingly popular, and counterfeits circulating increasingly on market places and commercial sites. The parallel market develops, and planned for the middle east or other parts of the world to find products sold in Europe. Some unscrupulous sellers are as of so-called official vendors, while they are totally unknown to the brand. Beware of imitations! Price too tantalizing problems can hide! Always check the presence of the anti counterfeit hologram on your products Alfa Network. Only an authorized dealer for the brand is able to provide you with products Alfa Network originals directly from the manufacturer. To check if a dealer is truly official or not, you can use the contact form on the official website directly Alfa.com.tw